Get to know the real estate and fashion maven

Onyi is a first-born child of Nigerian immigrants who came here with only hundred dollars in their pocket. Through her parents sheer grit and hard work they were able afford their children a lifestyle, which instilled in Onyi that anything is possible with hard work and an ability to never give up. After attending Baylor University helping others achieve their own sucess became paramount to Onyi. She did this by beginning in the luxury hospitality industry and working for some of Houston's premier locations. Onyi continued her career in the luxury retail sector with prestigious brands such as Michael Kors and Gucci.

Never settling for anything other than her absolute best, Onyi has always aspired for the American Dream her parents modeled for her as such decided to pursue the entrepreneurial route and form The Silmon Group, a luxury real estate team with Keller Williams. Onyi’s varied experience in the luxury sector has given her an informed perspective on what it takes to service the luxury real estate market. Onyi believes a memorable experience is created in the details. Onyi is continuously evolving to improve those details for her clients.

Onyi is a wife, mother of four, and eldest child of seven children. Family is everything to Onyi and when she is not working on behalf of her clients you can find her with her very large family. Onyi enjoys telling jokes, laughing, and watching action movies.  Onyi's happy place is curling up with her favorite book or lifting wieghts in the gym with the guys!