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Boss Chronicles: LeTricia Wilbanks Design

Published March 28th, 2019 by The Silmon Group

In Jefferson, Texas on the border of Shreveport, LA is a town known as the bed and breakfast capital of Texas. Here a little girl dreams of transforming her small space to match the beautiful historic Antebellum homes that are a fixture in her town. Unknown to her what exactly an interior decorator does. The only knowledge this young girl has is that the process of metamorphism that occurs each time she takes her hard earn money for her room gives her a fulfillment she cannot put into words. All she knows is it is a calling she cannot ignore.

This young girl is LeTricia Wilbanks from LeTricia Wilbanks Design. She took her first elective design course while pursuing a business degree at Stephen F. Austin. LeTrica’s knew then that interior design was something she could dedicate her life to and possibly someday make a living from.

After graduation,  LeTricia wanted to complete her degree in interior design, after working in other fields and not finding the fulfillment she felt when decorating a room.  However, things had changed, she was now a wife and mother and she lived ninety miles from her Alma mater.  This did not stop LeTricia.  With an unmatched fortitude she drove her son and herself three days a week from her hometown to Stephen F Austin, a premier school for interior decoration in Texas, to receive her degree in interior design.

After design school family took a priority for this loving mother of two. She decided  to concentrate on her children and ailing grandmother at the time. Her dream took a back seat and she took care of the deeper calling to her heart at the time, her family. As her family grew and her children became more independent the itch for part-time work in her field came back.

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She found this work in the form of her fellow colleague named Dale Tychowski of Dalek Interiors,a successful designer working out of his home. LeTrica saw from Dale that her notions on a how to build a successful business were false.  No, you did not need a building. No, you did not have to work for a large designing firm. Yes, you could blaze your own trail and still serve clients in a way that would lead to referrals.

After parting ways with her mentor in 2011 LeTricia Wilbanks Design opened its doors. She allowed her business to grow organically. It was simple patience and hard work that made her the success she is today.

Growing her business this way allowed her to learn and serve her clients in a way that would not compromise her work. It gave her insight into who she is as a designer. Something harder to accomplish with a sudden influx of clients dictating their personal style.

What does working with LeTricia mean for you? It means you will have an interior designer who sees her work as an art form. She also wants to create a space that represents her client’s personality and aesthetic. 

This is why she takes just as much time finding out what your favorite color is and how you envision using the space as she does making the transformation. LeTricia likens it to a butterfly, starting off with something that seems inconspicuous but with time and the masterful hands of LeTricia Wilbanks Designs you experience a room or your home in a way that would not have been possible without her vision. 

The interview is also her time to figure out if you and she can work harmoniously together. LeTricia knows who she is as a designer and remains authentic to her aesthetic. She would rather walk away than disappoint a client later.

After her interview with you, LeTricia gets to centering the space around an inspirational item in your home or something that she feels will speak to your lifestyle. It is from this she creates a mood board. LeTrica organizes every detail of the space from the baseboards to the paint on the wall and everything in between. Her astute organizational skills make sure the timing for every aspect of the project is executed flawlessly.

LeTricia works extend outside of simple room design, she also works intimately with some of Houston's most luxurious custom home builders like Savannah Home Builders.  When designing homes with a turnkey design from beginning to end it ensures that you do not have to lift finger to make your home truly YOUR home.

When custom builders work with an interior decorator like LeTricia it makes a home extraordinary. Because you have two types of artistic eyes there making your home a work of art. The builder who is able to work  from a macro level and LeTricia whose keen attention to details will bring in design elements that will make your home stand apart from any other!  

LeTricia knows that by working steadily to make sure her clients have a space that is modern, edgy, and sexy all without sacrificing functionality. She can create space that you can enjoy for years to come. Cheers to that!

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