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Boss Chronicles: Fatema Josh Fine Arts

Published March 7th, 2019 by The Silmon Group

In Rochester, New York a woman, separated from her extended family searches for an emotional outlet after leaving behind all she knew. Going back to her background in graphic design, she enters a tiny art store in her neighborhood awakening her passion for a brush and color. This woman is Fatema Josh, a local artist here in Katy, TX.

After Fatema moved to Katy, TX her friends and family encouraged her to take her premier art to a gallery. Fatema decided to follow their advice but experienced some setbacks. She placed her work in a gallery twice and did not sell anything, but she refused to give up. She knew that though her art was a form of “self-therapy”, it could also warm the hearts of other people who happened to take her piece home.

With a silent prayer, Fatema hoped to sell a piece during her third showing.  Fortunately, that day she sold not one but two pieces. Forging within her the knowledge her art had an audience who realized her gift should not remain in the walls of her studio alone.

Fatema, a Muslim American, is a testament to the beauty that exists within our differences. The richness in her culture and cosmopolitan background are portrayed in stunning color and techniques. 

Fatema allows you to see that art has a way of tearing down the walls that separate us when we enter into its world.  A place where barriers do not exist. A place, where hate is driven out. It is simply the creative song flowing through the heart of a woman who has the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations as you do.

Art for Fatema is an expression of all the beauty that exists. You can see that in the way she twists colors and weaves pictures. Fatema’s vision for her art is to give you access to this and experience a sense of peace from all the beautiful colors put together by the hands of a woman whose grit has been brushed onto a canvas.

Fatema says she has gone through the fire to become the artist she is today. There was no fly by night class. No instant success story here. Just a woman with a love for a brush and color. Pouring her passion every day on the canvas and then opening her art to the world. 

Her philosophy is art should speak to the soul and inspire the viewer.  Her social media accomplishes this by allowing her to speak directly to her audience so they can see her creative process from start to finish. You can see Fatema talking about life and art on Instagram and Facebook. Allowing you to see what it truly takes to make a piece of art. 

Now, this is not your neighborhood mass produced creation. Rather it is an artist painstakingly mixing colors and spending sleepless nights to render a picture that you will never see anywhere else but in your home. Fatema wants her audience to know that her art cannot compare to the art found there. Rather her art is an original piece that you can talk about at your next dinner party. A treasured piece to reside with you for generations to come.

Essentially, by getting to know the woman behind the brush. You can experience her art in a way that a gallery simply will not allow you to. 

Fatema is no starving artist. She is an astute businesswoman who realizes that she has got to eat if she wants to continue her work. So Fatema has extended her art to not just painting but she also holds workshops. Where men and women can come together over tea and learn from Fatema, who previously worked as a  preschool teacher. Fatema’s teaching background ensures her students do not simply copy other artists, but that they learn techniques they can use for years to come. 

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Her workshops are not just for adults she also teaches children as well. In fact, on Monday, March 11th she is holding one of her workshops for the kiddos. Head here and get on the list there is limited spots! 

Fatema's new collection is a way to show  “that there is so much beauty out there”  Fifteen years of devotion to her work has produced Fatema's new Spring Mix media collection, using a new technique she is exploring. These pieces use a mixture of resin and color, illustrating Fatema’s daring spirit.  These stunning pieces are truly appreciated more in person and pictures simply do not do them justice. 

Fatema wants to continue producing original art for families and envisions seeing her work in buildings and homes across the city, leaving a little part of herself in every part of Houston. 

In the words of Fatema Josh her art, “ is not just a brand,  it represents me, my lifestyle, my work my vision”   Because according to Fatema we should “wake every morning being grateful that you dared to dream” Cheers to that!

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