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Decor Ideas You Need Now For The Holidays

Published December 6th, 2018 by Unknown

On Facebook Live with Diane from Decor by Di, she had some amazing tips for decorating your home during the holidays. My personal favorite was the mirror as a table runner. It is an inexpensive way to make an incredible impact on your table.

Isn't this stunning! You won't believe how fast it was to put this together too. Want to know how to accomplish this table all you need according to Diane is your imagination and a wire cutter.

It doesn't stop there my friends do you have plates in your home now you are not really excited about? Diane says there is no need to go buy new ones for the holidays. You can reuse those plates and bring new life to them by using chargers and small plates for a table that will absolutely have your guests wondering how you did it.

Looking to include your children? Well, how about a wreath! Yes, Diane believes it will bring out the Christmas spirit in all children no matter what age. The wreath gives them a sense of ownership in the house and they can even bring a bit of the holiday into their rooms if they choose.

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We finished off by including some safety tips. This will definitely be on the minds of those who have little ones or pets they want to protect from electrical hazards.

What is the point of all this anyway? Why do we do this? It was a great point brought up in the video and that is to create memories.

These memories can become traditions that we hand down from generation to generation. Something as simple as a wreath can bring a smile to your family members face as they realize they had a hand in making it happen. Which one day they will want to bring that same smile to someone they love in their lives.

This is the real reason for all this and it is the only one that matters really.

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