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How Being Multi-Passionate Can Ignite Your Business

Published September 18th, 2018 by Unknown

Whenever I hear the saying “follow your passion” I always ask myself, what exactly does that mean? Especially if you have so many of them. How do you choose?

Well, I desire to live in a world where I don’t have to choose any one passion. Where I can use ALL of my passions to fuel something greater than myself. Besides, I'm sure you can agree your passions are not meant to be kept inside you. You are called... no scratch that you are demanded to use them to grace this world, so you can be a light to others.

Your passion is the light inside of you that fights to get out no matter where you are in your life. It is the quiet voice inside of you prodding you to set aside your fear and take a bold step into your calling. Your passion cannot be about the money, fame or accolades. It is greater than all this. It is your unique signature on this world.

Two Women and A Coffee Shop

I met Suzanne Bessire over coffee, she is what Marie Forleo calls a "multi-passionate entrepreneur." (If you don’t know who Marie is please do yourself a favor and get going to www.marieforeleo.comASAP!) She spoke about her desire to use her passion for photography to bolster her career in the insurance industry.

There we were just two women chatting about what makes us tick and finding another kindred soul to connect with. Afterward, she asked me to take some photos because it is something she loves to do. This made me think how can you ensure you don’t leave this world with any of your passions still inside you?

How Real Estate Has Given Me to Courage to Follow My Passions

Well for me I will start with this blog. I have always wanted to start my own blog but for many years I wondered if I was good enough. I spent many years doubting the small voice inside me calling me to step out in faith. Fear of failure has always been my Kryptonite. I have allowed it for many years to immobilize me from doing anything which didn't immediately make sense to me.

I thank God every day for real estate. Real estate has pushed me in so many ways I cannot even begin to articulate. It has given me the courage to step out and try all those ideas running through my head I have not allowed to manifest itself because I was afraid of the unknown.

My ardent prayer is by sharing the things which inspire me every day, I can motivate you to achieve all that you have been destined to do.

Fashion Is More Than Just Trends

Fashion inspires me because it amazes me how something as simple as a material can make you feel like you are a superhero. It is what I have always loved the most about fashion. This art is something which speaks to the human part of us seeking to express ourselves in a way words alone are not adequate to express.

Clothes and how you put them together has the ability to: make people dream, give them hope, and most importantly it gives people the permission to express themselves in whichever way speaks to who they are.

Now there are some who downplay the fashion industry as if it is not an essential part of their lives. Fashion is some inane pursuit confined for the vain and vapid. This trillion dollar.. yes trillion dollar industry has nothing to do with them. This is simply not the truth.

Perhaps you are not called to design or even care about the latest trends but fashion is more than just this. It is not just for the fashionista draped in the latest trends. It is an art which takes the seemingly mundane and uses it to express the human part of us which seeks to be understood. The part which wants to feel that “yes you see me.”

Being Multi-Passionate Does a Business Good

Learn the tricks to have buyers vying to buy your home NOW!

Hi, my name is Onyi Silmon and I am a "multi-passionate entrepreneur." My passions include writing, fashion, and real estate and not in any particular order.

I say this to let you know you are not fickle because you don’t stick to just one thing. The notion which states you cannot be a serious person if you pursue more than one passion is malarkey!

What is most important is you do not utilize your gifts as a means to benefit your own ego. Rather it should help someone else rise up to feel the warming rays of their own light. Guiding them out of the darkness of doubt into the place which says “yes we see you!”

What passions fuel you and how do you plan to use it for your dream business?

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