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7 Surefire Ways To Overcome The Monster That Is Self-Doubt

Published December 19th, 2019 by The Silmon Group

Self-doubt – or the imposter syndrome, or whatever you call it – plagues the best of us. Ask anyone who has accomplished anything of worth, and I can guarantee that they’ve experienced it in one form or another. So, you’re not alone. 

I spent the majority of my past plagued by this emotion. Switching between ignoring and fearing it. Not acknowledging this emotion as a natural part of the human condition.

When you recognize and deal with this debilitating emotion you can minimize its effects; thereby allowing you to enjoy the journey your dreams call for.  

Self-doubt isn’t something to be feared. By using these tactics, you can send self-doubt packing and get around to making the important change the world so desperately needs from you.

Self-Doubt Isn’t The Bogeyman

Self-doubt is normal. Embrace it. Without self-doubt, you’re susceptible to its evil cousin, hubris – which is a more toxic emotion that can have even more catastrophic effects than self-doubt. Don’t believe me. Just ask Caesar. 

When that little voice tells you, “Who are you to do this?” – welcome it! It’s telling you to slow down and account for the risks. Get crystal clear on exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. If it’s about your ego and amassing something that won’t benefit others, then you should evaluate your position.  

Don’t allow it to dictate what you do, but allow it to shape how you go about accomplishing what you decide to do. 

Imagine The Worst Thing That Could Happen 

Imagine the worst. Don’t fear it – tackle it! Get your pen and paper out and imagine the worst that can happen. Come up with strategies that you can use today to combat those things.  

For instance, if you’re starting a business and your critical voice says, “Hey, who are you to start a business? You’ll just go broke!” Tackle the “going broke” part of this equation by writing down the number of ways you can combat this outcome in a way that’s comfortable for you. 

Perhaps it means getting a part-time job while you grind your way to building this business. This will help you focus on being innovative without worrying about any mistakes you might make that will make you lose the shirt off your back.

Evaluate The Veracity Of Your Self-Doubt

Challenge what your inner voice is saying. Many times, what it’s saying simply isn’t the truth. Rather, its fear begging you to remain small and safe.  

Mindset is paramount, and there is a reason for it. Anything that has been accomplished first started in the mind.  

Don’t allow your joy to be stolen by the thought that you’re not enough. The very fact that you’ve decided to be audacious enough to step outside your norm means that you have what it takes. 

The other half is sitting down with yourself to dissect the veracity of what you’re saying to yourself. Is it really true that you’re not enough? Why aren’t you enough? Others before you have accomplished what seemingly appeared to be impossible. Why not you as well? 

You Are Deserving Of Compassion  

Compassion for yourself is essential. When you’re trying to step out into uncharted territory, there will be stumbling blocks. This isn’t the time to dwell on them and beat yourself up. In fact, this is a time to be silent and seek opportunities for learning.  

Besides, failure is not failure if you change your perspective about it. Instead, it is acquired knowledge through experience that has educated you on how not to accomplish your goals. All knowledge – no matter how it is acquired – is good. Because it moves you closer to your destination.  

Self- doubt is normal. Don't fear it embrace it!  Learn seven strategies to help you overcome this emotion.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. 

When you truly understand and have compassion for who you are as a person, life becomes easier. Things not working out doesn't diminish your worth. Therefore, speak to yourself in a manner that will help you to seek the knowledge you need so you can climb back into the trenches. 

It Must Be Bigger Than You

Use self-doubt to discern the reasons why you're pursuing something. It has to be for more than just personal prestige. It has to bring about a change in the lives of others. Essentially what you’re trying to accomplish must be bigger than you. 

After all, how else will you endure the stumbles and falls that will come while you’re trying to create your change? How else will you be able to withstand the inevitable doubts that will creep up and tell you that you aren’t enough? 

The only way these things will not pull you into the depths of despair is when you can attach your change to something larger than yourself. When you know that your dream will make this world a better place. If you cannot definitively say that, then self-doubt will have a much larger effect on you.

Self- doubt is normal. Don't fear it embrace it!  Learn seven strategies to help you overcome this emotion.

 Validation From Others Might Never Happen

Awaiting the validation of others is futile. Needing the acceptance of others makes you susceptible to self-doubt’s machinations. You are enough. You have to believe this, more than anything. By allowing the opinions of others to shape what you have been called to do, you become a prisoner. 

The reality is, there will be naysayers. In fact, the more audacious your plans, the more naysayers you will have. Your vision is not theirs. The lens through which you see the world is not the same as the one they possess – and that’s okay. 

Wanting others to give you the go-ahead or the acceptance to chase what you have been called to do will leave you empty and unfulfilled. Your journey is yours alone. This means that you’ll need to develop the courage to step out, even when others tell you're crazy. 

Because self-doubt can’t control you if your focus is within.

Action Is the First Step, Not More Research

Take action. The only way to quiet self-doubt’s false words of wisdom is to squelch it by taking action. You don’t learn by research. You learn by doing. 

After you’ve taken the precautionary steps you need, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get to doing what you know you’re supposed to. Self-doubt will lose its power if you’re too busy doing the work your journey calls for. 

Self- doubt is normal. Don't fear it embrace it!  Learn seven strategies to help you overcome this emotion.  

Meaningful perfection comes from having the courage to take action.  

Without action, you cannot reach your destination, because it takes stepping out with faith and knowing that, along the way, you will have what it takes to overcome any stumbling blocks that present themselves. Don’t let self-doubt rob you of the experience of your journey.

The next time self-doubt rears its ugly head, acknowledge it – and then let it know that it won’t be staying for long in your house. Because you’re not ruled by the whispers that tell you can’t, or that you’re unworthy. 



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