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Thirty Days of Gratitude

Published January 3rd, 2019 by Unknown

It is a New Year! A new year normally brings with it the need to start anew. Renewal can be alluring. This is the chance to attain a goal which may have eluded you in the prior year. Questions like: How do I start the new year best? How do I tackle this? What is next for me? Seem to be the proper questions to ask in the quest to become a better version of yourself.

I am a strong believer in goal setting and taking the time to actually write them down. This becomes a north star guiding you in accomplishing whatever your heart leads you to do. While this is wonderful I want to propose you do something else first. Something I believe will give you greater clarity in discovering your goals and how to tackle them.

A clarity that comes from spending some time in acknowledging the things you have right now in your life. The blessings you and I can often take for granted. Coming from a spirit of gratitude changes everything. This shift in perspective prepares you and goal setting becomes a much more effective process.

You may be asking yourself right now, Onyi why are you talking about blessings. You are a real estate agent what in the world does this have to do real estate. Well, everything.

I talk a lot about legacy. Your legacy is the impressions you leave behind when you are no longer here to speak on your behalf. While the thought of your mortality is not the most cheerful one. You can agree this is the reality all of us must face one day.

It is not your money or possessions which will have the most impact on this world when you leave it. Those things will fade with the withering of time. What stands the test of time is the lives we touch with our special presence in this world. This is your true legacy.

As an agent who is blessed to help you find the place where you build your legacy. I cannot in good conscience ignore the deeper things in your life. Simply because it does not fit in the box of buying or selling a home.

While I acknowledge this is unconventional. I believe speaking about your legacy is just as important as finding the place where you build it.

For the next thirty days, join me in taking some time out of your day to write down all the things you feel are blessings in your life. No matter how small or large, all of it written down as a note to yourself for you to come back to throughout this year.

Take some time to look out for all the blessing you have in your life. Spend some time really contemplating them. Like the laughter of your children. The ability to get up out of bed and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your face. The joy of having a life partner to go through life with you. The ability to sit in silence with your Creator.

All of these seemingly tiny things can escape you if do not take the time to reflect. When we fail to see this we miss out on all the wonders we have right underneath our noses. These wonders are the very things which can lift us out of the inevitable hardships life will throw our way.

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A spirit of gratitude will not alleviate the suffering you will most certainly endure as a human being. Instead, it can remind you even in the midst of the trails of life you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope if you grasp onto it with a yearning which defies reason.

When you come from a place of thanksgiving rather than desire it changes your way of thinking. It is this thinking which gives you the clarity to reach your goals in a much more healthier position. You are no longer seeking to reach your goals from a stance that you lack rather from a place of abundance.

For the next thirty days choose to live in a place of abundance. Acknowledging if we never receive another thing we have all that we need right here and now. I have put together this gratitude journal so you can print it out and start right now!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this challenge. You never know your light might just be the push someone needs to acknowledge their own abundance in their lives.

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