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Why Are You Doing This Onyi?

Published August 18th, 2018 by Unknown

So while you get your PDF "How To Make Buyers Fall Over Backwards For Your Home" I wanted to take some time to explain in this video why I am so passionate about this subject.

It all starts with a visit to the doctor's office and a conversation I had with a woman who was clearly frustrated with trying to sell her home.

I know she is not alone and I am on a mission to end that. I want the selling process to be something that homeowners get excited about.

I believe that with the knowledge I provide you over the next four weeks you will be able to put together a game plan for yourself and hire an agent who can work alongside you.

Here is the exclusive breakdown:

  • Week One- "The Price is Right"- We will discuss how pricing your home correctly attracts potential buyers
  • Week Two- "That Model Home Feeling"- I interview homes-stager Diane Parman, as she describes the vital artform of staging your home to sell.
  • Week Three- "Pre-Inspection Is Your Friend"- We will cover some little-known precautions to safeguard your offers with home-inspector, Timothy Kazee.
  • Week Four- "Marketing That Gets Your Home Sold"-Here I give you my exclusive online and offline marketing plan and discuss why it is so effective.

Learn the tricks to have buyers vying to buy your home NOW!

So join me over the next four weeks and make sure to check your inbox on Tuesdays at 10 am CT.

What are some questions I could address over the next four weeks? Share your thoughts down below after all you might just be a light to someone else!

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