First Time

I am so happy that you are here! I want you to feel at home so I have put together this page to help you navigate through this website of mine. Whatever your real estate goals, I want you to know that I have some incredible resources to help you on your path.

To take it even further I have put together inspiration and tips that I believe will help you to live your best life. Why is that important to me? Well, it is a fact the time we spend here on this earth is short. We all will one day have our lives examined hence creating the legacy we send out into this world.

My hope and desire is to help you live out this legacy in a way that speaks directly to you. This is how we have set up this so site so you can receive the most value from it.


Who are you Onyi?

I am a luxury real estate agent, writer, Christian wife, and mother who wants to leave an impact on this world. I believe I can accomplish this by helping you leave an impact. If you are curious to learn more about me and what makes me so passionate about this then head over to my about page.

The short version of it: I am the eldest child of seven children. My parents taught me that with hard work and willingness to put others above yourself, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. I came to Houston with my parents when I was three years old from Nigeria and I have lived in Houston my entire life specifically in the Cypress and Katy areas.

I am an introvert who loves to read, write prolifically on my blog, and create various content I believe will help you. I love action movies, fixing vintage furniture, and spending time with my large family.


Why Should I Read Your Blog?

Well, I am definitely biased but it is pretty freaking awesome! As an introvert writing has always been a way I can express myself to others in a way that feels most natural. Intrigued? Then you can find our most recent post here.

I invite you to stay awhile and look around. As you will see I don’t just talk about real estate. Because my desire is to be there long after you sell or buy your home. My blog is a way for me to continue the conversation after the transaction.


What should I do now?

Grab our free guide How to Make Buyers Fall Over Backwards To Buy Your Home. Yes, you can do that if you are willing to follow some sound principles. Selling homes are where I shine. I have taken my years of working in various luxury sectors to put together what I believe is a one of kind experience when it comes to selling homes. It is a process I am constantly challenging myself to innovate and improve. In fact, I have two articles here and here to help you get started if you are thinking of selling.